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 I am a content creator/blogger who thrives on sharing useful information with others, often times insights I've gained from other people. This is how I became a professional trainer and coach,  but my interests are much broader than the career aspect of my life - I have a hunch this is something you and I have in common!

Before the training specialist career grabbed me by the collar and relentlessly pulled me in that direction, my professional time was focused on writing, graphic design and cartooning, and photography. 

I was consistently published in a variety of formats, designed a T-Shirt line that received national recognition in a trade journal, had my own art and photography shows, as well as having my work included in other shows including being selected by jury to be included in a show at A Different Light bookstore in New York. At one point I had a New York agent who sold my greeting card line. 

I have several interests and when I purchased property in the mountains of Northern California and built my studio and cabin there, many people where interested in my systems for dealing with power outages, my camera equipment (I love photographing all things nature), my gear and process for creating my outdoor art (my goal throughout my lifetime is to turn my property into an outdoor gallery), my rock tumbling and polishing equipment (I am in a rock club and love sharing my treasure with friends), and the tools I used for remodeling my small cabin to make it a one-of-a-kind artistic art dwelling (I don't really have a grown-up house like so many of my friends; I tell people my space is like sleeping in an art studio). 

I recently realized I am continually responding to emails, fb pms, and visits from neighbors who have questions - much of the time with similar questions. I decided to use this website to share vlog and blog content based on my learning and outreach, links to resources, and other  information that doesn't fit my leadership or personal websites. Stay tuned because I plan to create content on a regular basis. 

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, YouTube, fb at Catherine Goggia Trainer-Coach, instagram @cgcamerasnaps, twitter @goggia, or

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