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Camera Ready, Hands Free, When You are Active

For years I made the trade off: carry my camera or use my walking poles? After a serious car accident in which I was a passenger in a car that got hit by two cars on the highway, I was left with a hip injury that will be with me for the rest of my life. Now, I must use walking poles when I hike or I cannot hike far, and the pain is intense. I purchased a fantastic monopod (see Camera Gear: Set 1) that is equipped to double as a walking pole, and I purchased a camera harness to keep my camera quickly accessible. Because I enjoy wildlife photography, I don't have time to take off a backpack and get out a camera. I hate the feeling of a camera around my neck, bouncing around, and I don't like the imbalance of carrying a larger camera in a big pocket. I hike with my Sony RX10 IV (see Camera Gear: Set 1) because it has 600mm equivalency and it's light. It's perfect for the Skout camera sling, and it just takes a moment to grab the camera and use the monopod. I went with camo since I wear camo when I am on a photo shoot (see Camera Gear: Set 2). I have included direct links to the camo sling and the grey sling. These Skout slings also work with binoculars.  It is also handy when I am on my boat. Scroll down to my affiliate links and click on them to see the product video. For me, the sling isn't a luxury, it became a must-have. I don't want to miss great shots because I don't have my camera ready!

9" Mini Hydraulic Slider - All You Need

This is for people who shoot video. If you want buttery smooth short pans, you will love this camera gear. I found out about it in a YouTube video in which the photographer confessed he has stopped taking most of his gear with him on shoots, including his longer sliders, because he wants to travel lighter. He said this little slider is all he needs, and it fits right in his camera backpack. This slider is perfect for the types of shots I want to get: short pan of my rock tumbler, a short pan of flowers, a short pan of an auto accessory, or a beautifully plated meal or yummy-looking beverage. The price point is right for me because I'm not all pro: I mostly shoot for my own projects or to promote friends in some way. I'm with that YouTuber - I don't want to carry a bunch of equipment I won't use. I have also included a direct link for a 16" slider for you - if I find I need wider pans, this is the one I am looking at. But for now, this little mini-slider is all I need. The right camera accessories give you more options that can set you apart from other photographers. For a hobbyist like me, this is the perfect tool for leveling up my videos with a touch of professionalism. Scroll down for my affiliate link and email me with your shots - would love to see what you shoot!

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Camera Gear Set 1: Cameras and Gear

Camera Gear Set 2: Clothing and Accessories

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Hands Free - Skout Camera Sling - Camo

Hands Free - Skout Camera Sling Grey

9" Mini Hydraulic Camera Slider!

16" Manual Camera Slider