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RV 30 Amp Plug In Generator


Most of the time, I don't use a generator when boon-docking. However, if it's too hot, I need the AC to help me breathe (asthma). 

Zamp Solar Panel


Plugs into my RPod. Charges even in overcast conditions. Learn about your RV - what will and will not run on the batteries. 

I like my popcorn and movies when camping on my own.


Charged before I leave and recharges from foldable solar charger I keep on my dashboard. 

Inflatable Solar Lantern


Deflate - keep on your dashboard. Or carry in your backpack. The lights in my RV can run off the batteries, but I prefer to use solar when boon-docking. 

Portable Toilet


Portable Toilet

I can use the toilet in my RV if I want to when boon-docking, but I prefer not to - that way I don't have to worry about getting to a dump station, or towing with a full tank. I just put this little portable toilet in my RV bathroom and I'm set. It comes with chemicals and I use kitty litter before and after. Simple. 

Even at State campgrounds that have vault toilets, I prefer using this in the morning and after dark. 

Collapsible Water Storage


Collapsible Water Storage

I like to keep my travel trailer light when towing. If I am traveling to higher elevations, I prefer not to fill the fresh water tank and add all that weight.  In that case, I carry one gallon jugs of water, and a couple of these collapsible units (empty, they take up less space) and I fill them at the campsite if water is available. If not, I fill before I leave.