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Suit Case Style Solar Panel


Mine is awesome, will share more details with you soon 



Most of the time when traveling, I prefer full hook-ups, but for rock hunting and kayaking adventures, I am ready to go boon docking. Will share more details with you soon. 

Portable DVD Player


After a day of exploring on land and water, some good food enjoyed by the campfire, and a walk after dinner, we like to snuggle up with the dogs for a movie. I have a nice entertainment system in my RPod, but when we are boon docking, I don't want to run the generator to watch a movie. I will share a couple of recommended players with you in the near future. 

Crock Pot


In a Trailer Life magazine article, they surveyed people asking, "What is one item you can't be without in your RV?" Many voted for a Crock Pot, and I couldn't believe I didn't already have one on board - I love using mine at the cabin. I will share a couple different recommendations soon. 

Fire Extinguisher


Most California Park Patrol officers on Oroville Lake are cool, and I enjoy interacting with, and learning from, them. However, I had an encounter with a jerk of an officer over Memorial Day Weekend, who cruised up to me as if I was running from the law and, without interaction, starting badgering me with his list of items as if hoping to find a violation. When he threw down his bully style with, "Fire extinguisher?!" I was happy to hold up the extinguisher I keep next to my captain's seat. "Hand it over!" he commanded, and imagine my surprise when he told me I had the wrong type on board. It was newly purchased for the boat, but it was for a kitchen, not a marine certified fire extinguisher. I learned a few things from this inconvenient and maddening stop on the lake and will share more of my learning and recommendations soon. .

Stroller Wagon


When my darling Dachshunds turned 17 - yes, 17 years old - they still wanted to go everywhere, but their stamina was shortening. I don't have enough words to tell you how much I love this stroller wagon! We've had so many good times with it. I will share stories and pics of my girls as I work on this page.